Corporate Profile

Introduction of
EXEDY Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Corporate Philosophy

Under the I LOVE EXEDY spirit and based on human dignity, we will make a company where employees feel fulfilled at the workplace, are respected by others, and which motivates them to endeavor at work. We want EXEDY Vietnam to be like their second home, with employees setting their minds on their children's future.

Our company will abide by the 5S5T(1), maintain a Pika Pika workplace(2), and make sure that it is both safe and peaceful based on our I LOVE EXEDY activities.

We will also create fulfillment for our society, company, and employees through employee welfare, company events, and volunteer activities. In addition, we will strive to carry out face-to-face (F2F) communication, and our products will be made with the objective of satisfying and pleasing our customers.

(1) 5S5T = Seiri (Organization), Seiton (Tidiness), Seisou (Cleanliness), Seiketsu (Immaculate Workplace), Shitsuke (Discipline), Teii (Designated Position), Teiryou (Designated Amount), Teiji (Designated Time), Teishi (Expected Appearance), Teishitsu (Designated Quality)

(2) Pika Pika = A spotless workplace, so clean that it looks like its shining