Low Speed Lock-up Torque Converter

Product Close-ups

Low Speed Lock-up Torque Converter2 Mass FlywheelDSP Type Multi-plate ClutchHyper Single VF

EXEDY's Core Technologies: Friction, Vibration, Fluid

Friction Technology
Vibration Technology
Fluid Technology

Research and Development

Passenger Vehicles, Trucks and Buses

Automatic Transmission Vehicles

We produce clutch packs and torque
converters for automatic
transmission vehicles that provide
their users with a comfortable
driving experience.

Manual Transmission Vehicles

We make clutch disks and covers
used in manual transmission
vehicles all over the world.


We provide high-quality
products that cater to our
customer's needs.

Motorcycle Clutches

We manufacture clutches used in
motorcycles that meet the demands of
the rapidly developing markets
of Southeast Asia.

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